Doug Mathews and Donna Strachan performed Jesus Music in the 1970s in California. This website makes their music and their legacy free to all to enjoy.

They produced one independent singer-songwritter vinyl album, "Abide In Me," which, along with recordings of two live performances, you can listen to and download (along with high resolution album cover art) below.

The website is currently under construction. Still to come: downloads of two live performances, a memorial page for Doug Mathews, a bio page for Donna Strachan-Haile, a short history of the Jesus People Movement and Doug and Donna's place within it, and a page featuring each of the songwriters for the music Doug and Donna performed.

Thank you for listening and as Paul said to the Corinthians, "The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all."

"Abide In Me"
1976 - DD-1001

Below you can listen to and download Doug and Donna's only recorded album, "Abide In Me." These mp3 tracks are stereo, have a 192kbps bit rate, and were recorded from a perfect, factory sealed, mint condition copy of the original vinyl. There is some background white noise and there are a couple pops, but these are present in the original.


Album Tracks Only (52.7 MB)

Album with High Res Art (365 MB)

The name of each track's songwriter is in parenthesis next to the name of the track. All songs were performed and recorded with the permission of the songwriter.

To download high resolution cover art, right click on the album cover images below and select "Save link as..." Note: These files are huge.

Abide In Me - Front CoverAbide In Me - Back Cover

~Side One~

1. "Abide in Me (Chorus)" (Tom Salter)

2. "First Spring" (Jim Adams)

3. "Lend an Ear of Faith" (Francis Anfuso)

4. "Thomas" (Steve Jones)

5. "2,000 Years Ago" (Rite Browning)

6. "Raining Jesus" (Dorothy Wimsett)

~Side Two~

1. "Love Spoke to Me" (Don Thomas)

2. "Holy Spirit Love, Joy, Peace" (Tom Salter)

3. "Re-Creation Lullabye" (Steve Jones)

4. "Live in Love" (Tom Salter)

5. "All I Want" (Jim Crain)

6. "Abide in Me" (Tom Salter)

Album Credits
Doug Mathews (vocals, background vocals, guitar, piano)
Donna Strachan (vocals, background vocals)
Rich Cook (background vocals on "Love Spoke to Me")
Mick Martin (drums)
Mark Miller (flute)
Dave Dunaway (bass)
Danny Lawson (string arrangements)
Rich Martin (engineer, accoustic and electric guitar, drums, harmonica)
Paul Weaver (producer)

Album Cover Credits
Barbara Beal (calligraphy)
Doug Mathews (graphics)
Monty Meyer (cover)
Pat Baker (photo)

"Special Thanx"
Paul Cecil
Christian Encounter Ministries
Our parents
Our family at the Cornerstone
Those who have prayerfully supported our ministry...

Lyrics Insert
The original LP had a lyrics sheet on an insert inside the album cover with the record. A high resolution scan of one of these lyrics sheets can be downloaded here (note: these files and images are huge).

~Side One~
Abide In Me - Lyrics Sheet - Side One

~Side Two~
Abide In Me - Lyrics Sheet - Side Two